Croal Valley


Predominant land use in this area is surface level car parking, as well as retail fronting onto Deansgate, apartments and a modern office development on Bark Street. A Council objective is to open up the River Croal as an important town centre feature, an attractive setting to new development and improved linkages between Queens Park and the Civic and Retail Core.


Chorley Street/Minerva House – The Core Chorley Street Car Park site has a residential consent. It is suggested that this site could support semi-detached/detached properties, reconecting its links to Queen’s Park and out of centre neighbourhoods beyond.

Central Street and Deansgate – Central Street Car Park and the bulk of the shops would be available for purchase to a developer for a housing led scheme. This modern frontage could be flexibly delivered at any point in the framework period to provide a potential development investment.

Private land / car parks – A successful scheme on nearby Central Street/Deansgate can be used to promote a comparable residential led development on these sites.

Infll options Bark Street and St Helena Car Park – These are small, primarily Council owned, vacant plots. It is expected that an improved town centre residential market, resulting from investment elsewhere will make these locations more marketable for small scale housing development later in the framework period.

Delivery and Phasing Plan

The plan extends for 15 years, from 2018 to 2033, this intervention area will likely begin immediately with infrastructure and clearance work taking place. Final work should be complete by 2028.