Crompton Place


Crompton Place is a shopping centre in the heart of the town’s civic and retail core. It currently falls into the secondary/tertiary retail and leisure zones of the town centre. While occupancy is good, the range of shops is at the lower end of the market and mainly meets ‘practical’ convenience/service needs.


Option 1 - The scheme is based on extending Primark vertically to occupy the space directly above the existing store. This would retain the current circulation structure at ground floor, with the proposed link between Shipgate and Mealhouse Lane and an access hall off Victoria Square.

On the upper floor, the Victoria Square food court and leisure halls would be accessed via a new gallery overlooking the ground floor mall. The double height spaces will create an airy and attractive environment, integrating the shopping centre with Bolton’s historic streetscape.

Option 2 - This option explores the possibility of extending the Primark store at ground level to achieve a floor area of circa 4,000 m². The proposed layout will have a frontage to the Shipgate - Mealhouse Lane arcade, with a potential new street access. It will also create a more compact circulation structure, with a central core of back to back, 15 metre deep units.

Larger leisure halls in the upper floors will benefit from a greater availability of space, with accesses from both of the new interior plazas..

Phasing and Delivery Plan

The plan extends for 15 years, from 2018 to 2033, phasing for this scheme is likely to be dictated by practical considerations. Ideally the project would be delivered in one phase between 2020 and 2026.