Trinity Quarter


Trinity Quarter currently consists predominantly of former industrial buildings and vacant brownfield sites. Development of the Transport Interchange, and proposed hotel, multi storey car park and offices at the Trinity Quarter (on the corner of Trinity Street and Bradshawgate) will be a catalyst to the realisation of modern employment uses in this area.

Trinity Quarter is a highly accessible location and the office development will provide the first phase of commercial development, kick-starting the market in this location.


The development in this intervention area will focus on:

  • Integrating the existing historic urban grid with the future commercial hub of Trinity Gateway by introducing Grade A offices, a hotel and a multi storey car park.
  •  Establishing pedestrian links with neighbouring character areas, improving accessibility to and from the town centre

Delivery and Phasing Plan

The plan for this intervention area spans over a period of 15 years with the majority of development taking place over the next 10 years. Work on this area will begin with infrastructure and clearance work. Residential development on Breightmet Street and phase 1 of trinity gateway will also begin in 2018. Work will continue and intended completion is 2033.

A new route will run through a number of interlinked squares:

Trinity Square - The heart of Bolton’s business hub and the space that will define its urban image. Its size, orientation and location of leisure uses at ground level (bars, cafes, restaurants) will help to create an attractive afterwork environment.

Station Bridge Square - Gateway to Bolton’s train station. A new link with the eastern end of the existing pedestrian bridge would create a direct route to Trinity Quarter and improve the arrival experience.

Saville Square - A meeting space for a mixed community of residents and workers, and also for historic and contemporary architectures.

Bridge Square - The central public realm for a new residential enclave. It will also be the quarter’s northern gateway, with a new pedestrian bridge link with St. Peter’s over the rail tracks.